Taste Sensations

White stilton with blueberries tastes like cheesecake, except not as sweet. If you put it on a pepper oatcake it is sweet-savoury-delicious. Creamy. Yummy. Migh. T. Fine.


"Pepper Oatcake?" I had a crush on her back in the fifth grade and...oh, that's a food?

Are you eating Paterson's pepper oatcakes? I swear, you've done so much for education of all Brit food-related things. There's a British specialty food shop here on Russian Hill that I haven't ventured to yet, because the writeup (read "paid for ad") that they got in a magazine, listed all the products that I've heard already heard about.
Cup said…
Will you make one for me? I have the late-night munchies.
Melinda June said…
Actually, this one was a Tesco's finest. Pepper oatcakes are so ubiquitous here they have generic ones. Is this a great country, or what? And keep in mind, WP, that store could stay open by selling real PG Tips alone.

There's one waiting for you Beth. In fact, I'll make two. It's a long trip.
They have blueberries in the UK? Have they stolen them from Canada and the northern US?
Melinda June said…
Yes, we have blueberries! I believe they've perfected growing them on the continent and we import them. We import everything.

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