I just watched the most amazing programme about Scientology. There's a BBC show called Panorama that does a lot of targeted investigative reporting. This week, they checked into the Church of Scientology. You can read about it, and possibly even watch it here. (Not sure if it allows you to view it from the US, but it's worth a try.)

I'm not about to call it a cult, or suggest it is built on the rantings of a schizophrenic or anything. Nope. Scientology is a true religion. It is the one true way. Seriously. You doubt my sincerity? Watch the video and you'll agree.

Oh. And I'm even more distrustful of the swans now. There are nine of them now that the babies are here. But they are not a cult. And clowns? Just good natured comedians.

Please leave me alone. I'm harmless. I like you. Really. I do.


Jenna said…
Melinda June said…
I know, Giz. It's actually unbelievable.
I had to look him up on YouTube because that link you provided wouldn't load into RealPlayer or WMP. Scary as hell.

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