Kind of Not Guilty

I had to go to court today. This meant I had to miss one of my classes, but I can always go to that lecture with the modulars when they do it in a few weeks. But I figured it was best to show up if Her Majesty's Court in Hertfordshire issues a formal invitation.

Some of you may remember the little welcome home I got from the bailiff back in November. I managed to get that round thrown out, but the court tried again to do me for speeding. I was given an opportunity to be found guilty of speeding AND of not providing appropriate information.

It was for an incident in August 2005. I don't remember if I was speeding. I don't remember being where they say the incident occurred. But the car was in my keeping, and the car was speeding...while it's possible I'd handed the keys to someone else in the company since it IS a company car and I do relinquish it now and again if someone needs it more than I do, it is likelier that I was driving than someone else, as it is with me more than it is not.

The chatty prosecutor offered to throw out one charge if I'd just take a regular old speeding fine. I figured I may as well...I could have dragged it out and tried to prove someone else had the car, but as you can imagine my record keeping is not particularly good. I could have made them show me the picture of the driver snapped by the automatic camera and tried to prove it wasn't me, but if it was then I'd be flustered and might screw the whole thing up. So I agreed to just pay the speeding fine and be done with it. Now I don't have to take another day off to go back to court, which is worth something. It's good not to have to worry about the added aggravation.

I figure I did the right thing. I could have used the £60, but at least it was only £60. And the case is closed.

Tomorrow I get to go tromping through some field or woods or something for school. We're doing personal development. It's supposed to be cold and a bit grey. I am skeptical.

But it is the first of TWO May bank holiday weeks, which means I have two whole days off after the tromping. That will be heavenly. I have a lot of reading to do for my Globalisation paper, I need to mow the lawn, and I could use some extra sleep.

But it's likely I'll go to the beach instead. I mean, it's a bank holiday.


Joe said…
You didn't fight the law, and the law won.

Sometimes it's worth the money just to make the system go away.

Enjoy your tromping, and the time off afterward.
Melinda June said…
Ultimately, bubs, the law wins. In this case, it made sense to just let it end.

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