Using what's in the fridge, vol 3

Take out a pint of Tetley's.

Pour it in a pint glass, and dump in a shot of Bulleit.

Savour the flavour. Who needs dinner? Every beer's a sandwich.

(note...I just typed "savor the flavor" and it looked wrong to me. I've officially crossed over.)


Unknown said…
Yeah, I had a moment like that when I was talking about the actor/director Richard E. Grant and my brain wanted me to say "Gr[AH]nt" because saying it "Gr[AA]nt" just sounded wrong.

Now I've switched over to baNAHna, toMAHto, and even glAHss. I'll have to change back if I go for a visit in the US or I'll get my arse kicked.
Melinda June said…
I find that, in addition to changing my vowel sounds and pronouncing all the t's in my words, I'm also starting to lose New World English's audacious playfulness in coining expressions.

It's not a nice thing to admit, but I've replaced my standard "mouth-breather" insult with the odd yet unadventuresome "wally". And I gave up "poindexter" in favour of "geek" because no one understood me. Though that happened in the states, too.
lulu said…
Mouth-breathing nuckle-dragger is my insult of choice.
Dale said…
I love it when you're savoury and sweet.
Oh no, now it's started. Putting the letter "u" in places altogether, unnatural places. Saying things like "nicked," instead of "swiped" or "stolen."

Then you'll be dropping consonnants like Lindsay Lohan does pills and then you'll verge into Cockney rhyme slang.

We need an intervention here...
"altogether, unnatural places"

That should read, "altogether, unnatural." My editin be az good iz my Englash.

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