I believe I completed the New York Times Sunday Crossword today. We'll know tomorrow, but I can't find any mistakes and I have a letter in every spot.

I'm breaking out the champagne.


Tenacious S said…
Tah-dah! Perhaps you should bronze your pen or pencil.
Melinda June said…
I did, in fact, complete it correctly. WHOOPPEEEE!!!
Philip. said…
Gosh, I'm terrible at crosswords :-(
Doug said…
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Doug said…
I believe I completed nothing today. We'll know tomorrow, but I can't find any mistakes...

I'm breaking out the clean underpants.
Some Guy said…
Congrats! It's a great feeling, isn't it?
Let me know when you complete a NYT Saturday, the bitch mother of all crosswords.
Melinda June said…
So am I, Philip, which makes this remarkable.

Congrats on perfect sloth, Doug.

Yes, Chris, it is mighty fine. Floating on a cloud I am.

I will never complete a Saturday puzzle, CP. Never.
BeckEye said…
Did you do it all in pen? If so, you must spray the champagne all over yourself and anyone nearby.
You are my hero, seriously. I mean we're talking about a crossword where using the seventh or eight definition of a word, is fair play.

Those aren't clues, they are verbal boobytraps.

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