Great moments in my history

Headbands....fashionable, AND able to keep your hair out of the chocolate.

I told you I was the Rhoda. What bold blending of patterns! What bohemian style! Definitely cutting edge. With a bit of chocolate glistening on my mouth. I hope I wasn't eating off that spoon. Yuck. Please mother claims that I refused to wear anything she asked me to after about age 2, so I can't even blame her for this.


Anonymous said…
You are in that picture making my favorite cookie, and the exact same cookie that my sister and I made.

That is rather sweet.

My mother called them boiled cookies. Lately they've been showing up, much to my delight, in the cafes of Seattle as "Haystacks" which is not quite right in my mind since they do not have coconut in them. I think I saw them once also as a "chocolate energy cookie" which made me laugh, since we know ALL COOKIES have energy.
Melinda June said…
That's funny, Knox. They sell them at Starbucks here now. I had one just the other day! Nothing like labeling to make 300 empty calories sound healthy. But they were delicious empty calories. Mmmmm.
I would totally wear that headband.
Wow, the only things missing are Julie Kavner and Carlton The Doorman...

...I mean just Julie Kavner, because you couldn't actually hear Carlton, in a picture.

...I should be going to bed, soon.

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