Great moments in my history

Because nothing says, "I own the world!" like a patchwork mumuu smock.

God help me, I'm wearing a tablecloth. Obviously, though, I had no idea that it made me look ridiculous. Perhaps I was too distracted by the Pebbles ponytail. Or perhaps I couldn't see through my chubby cheeks. N.B. This is now what I see in the mirror on low self esteem days.


Tanya Espanya said…
I have to find that picture of me where I'm wearing a dress and plaid pants...and, no it wasn't some suit or was just some weird combo.

Currently, I would wear that dress you have though, it does look that a big pocket on the side? One can never have enough pockets. I would put my lip balm and inhaler and some hair elastics and maybe a candy in that pocket.
Melinda June said…
Knowing a pregnant woman could wear my childhood wardrobe is small comfort, Tanya. But yes, that big pocket is QUITE the asset.
Tanya Espanya said…
Oh, that whole pregnant thing...Yeah, that's not only why...I'm lazy and not stylish, and a dress is always easy to put on and instantly you're dressed!

Roger Kaputnik said…
That picture is from the early '70s. Don't be too hard on yourself. Mom probably made that dress for you.

Glad to see you're getting some use out of those old pictures.
Tenacious S said…
I think I had that outfit in green. I never got the Pebbles ponytail, but frequently had two ponies sticking out from the side of my head.
Dale said…
You should break up with this image on your low self esteem days and picture Coaster Punchman in his The Thinker pose.
Melinda June said…
I think I actually picked this one out myself, Bob. But as Sharon points out, I was not the only one who fell prey to the bad fashions of the seventies.

You're right, Dale. The Thinker is a true classic.
Didn't I make some comment about top of the head pony tails? I hate it when my comments mysteriously disappear. Probably has something to do with those damn verification words I hate them. I think CP is about to make another pronouncement.
Melinda June said…
No, you didn't. But you still can!

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