Rainy Bank Holiday

It is a rainy, grey day, and since the boiler man can't come until tomorrow to repair the heating/water heater, I am currently under the duvet on the sofa. I went to the gym this AM but now I intend to spend the day relaxing...got some schoolwork done yesterday, and now today is a completely non-work day for me. I am going to watch the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice, drink tea and nap. There is a sweet potato in the oven, I have chicken left over from last night, and will be making a curried cauliflower soup for dinner.

There is nothing so comfortable as a cozy rainy day. I know most people would prefer a sunny day for being outside and barbecuing, but I think that this sort of day is better for me. No pressure to do anything, just a slow-paced sleepy afternoon.


Tanya Espanya said…
Is that Hartley's Jelly similar to Jello? Because they sell that at Sainsbury's for £0.38...that's a good price...they have funky flavours too, like Blackcurrant...I'll take lime, I think.
Melinda June said…
Similar, yet so different. It just doesn't dissolve properly and then it ends up seeming watery. But it is as close as I get. And I find that the blackcurrant is good with a dollop of creme fresh or greek yogurt.
Tanya Espanya said…
I can't believe that CP and Dale didn't bring you any on their recent visit! I'd bring you a case of all the flavours you want...(I'm awesome).

Dale said…
Your CP interviewed me and put me in a very difficult position with one of his questions MJ. Just saying.
Melinda June said…
He's put me on the spot, as well, dale. I'll show him.

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