This week's trials and tribulations

The boiler is temporarily makes lots of clicking noise and the pilot is currently lit, but the nice repairman told me that it needs two parts to keep that pilot on, and if it goes out in, say a heavy draft from an open door, I won't be able to light it. The parts are due in tomorrow for installation either Friday or Saturday. In the meantime, I wash every dish as I use it and shower in both the morning and the evening, just in case I suddenly find that the water is lukewarm again.

The plus side of the whole situation is that I've now a) gotten a key to open my meter box so I can give my new power company my power reading, and b) I know how to turn the temperature of the tank down a notch to prevent the scalding that most people get when they use the shower for the first time here at my humble abode.

In other news, I am working with our office Satan on a project, and today I got told off for asking her to sit down to discuss the proposal document content and format. (Duh! Just write a proposal like you always do! I can't believe you're asking this!) Call me crazy...if you've got £2.1m riding on a document and you want to set yourself apart creatively, spending five damn minutes discussing how to do it seems prudent.

The BBC has had quite a bit of fun with video of W looking foolish next to the queen. They equated his visible discomfort in black-tie attire to a five year old boy dressed up for church, they made great fun of the 1776/1976 gaffe, and pointed out that winking at the queen (which they had many shots of W doing) is completely inappropriate.

I have covered the grey roots that were overtaking the rest of my hair. Much needed, as I'd started to look like I'd powdered the top of my head.

I made a bitchin' soup last night that is all cauliflower and curry and tomatoes and onions. It is quite delicious, even if it does look a bit like baby poo.

I have unearthed the cd of photos my brother gave me at Christmas time, and will continue to post great moments in Mindy history in the near future. This week's Feral Series is just the will soon see Managerial Techniques, Bold Fashion Choices, MJH - Supermodel, and Take the Picture, Dad. Please bear with me until I tire of this.


Tanya Espanya said…
You could also do your dishes while you shower...saves some time...maybe toss a salad (didn't Kramer do that in Seinfeld?)
Melinda June said…
Ingenius, Tanya! Perhaps I'll implement that policy today!
I wish I could meet the queen. I would love that, and I wouldn't even wink.

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