Sunday Highlights

Here is a quick little summary of what I did today. I mean, I'm a blogger. We're supposed to share this kind of mundane crap.

Got out of bed at 935. Woke up around 10.
Had a cup of coffee. Made Eggs Benedict to celebrate Mother's Day (even though my mom is in Iowa.)
Called my friend Patricia. Still not fully functioning, managed to spill an entire cup of very strong coffee with milk on my cream sofa.
Put cushion covers in the washer in hopes of getting most of the coffee stain out.
Cruised US newspapers, which put me in the Visa Waiver strop below.
Ate the remaining gambas pilpil from dinner last night.
Did some laundry.
Cursed at the swan, who was in my neighbor's lawn pecking through their trash and strewing it about. Bastard.
Read my Managing Mergers and Acquisitions prepwork. Became obsessed with my hair hanging in my eyes and went to the kitchen, got out the scissors and cut my bangs. They are much shorter, but eventually they were straight.
Took some time out for a bit of the Economist.
Called my nephew Nick to say Happy Birthday and my Mom for a Happy Mother's Day.
Showered. Got dressed.
My friend Nadine picked me up and we went to the Stables to see Clare Teal. She was great.
Came home, made a cup of tea, and now I'm telling you about my day.
Next on the agenda: a bit of Corporate Social Responsibility reading for my Globalisation lecture on Friday and then bed.

Man, it's a breakneck pace here in MK. We expats live crazy, crazy lives.


Kireliols said…
If I've learned one thing in my life it's this, NEVER cut bangs because you're frustrated!!!!!!! I laughed hard picturing you doing what I have done about one million times...and truth be told, considered today in our 90 degree weather- instead I schmucked them back with a couple headbands and went about my business.
Melinda June said…
Everyone has noticed my haircut and none of them have guessed I did it on my own, so it isn't all bad.

God help me with this long hair when I'm home this summer. Nothing but trouble.

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