Using what's in the fridge, vol 1

I have had a freakishly long week (it's Tuesday,) and I was able to come home by 7pm tonight. Unheard of for the days I've had lately. I don't really have much in the fridge, and I did not want to order takeaway or go to the grocer. Here is what I cobbled together.

Pasta Carbonara

I put some pasta to boil. It was either spelt or whole wheat, but I'd emptied it into a jar and I don't remember which I bought most recently.

Cup up part of an onion and two cloves of garlic, heated up a pan, added olive oil and the O/G and sauteed. Added two pieces of turkey bacon and one slice of parma ham. Seasoned with Aleppo pepper from Penzey's and some black pepper.

Beat one egg, added a teaspoon of milk and some salt and pepper, then some grated parmigianno reggiano.

When the pasta was done, I dumped it in the pan with the onions and bacon and tossed it around, added a little of the pasta water, and after about thirty seconds tossed it with the egg mixture until it all thickened.

Very nice, all things considered, accompanied by a green salad with romaine hearts, scallions, tomatoes and a french vinaigrette. Finished with fresh strawberries. Yum.

Now let's hope the egg was still good.


Tanya Espanya said…
Ohmygod, how clever and excellent are you to just whip up this great dinner? Well done, it sounds nice. I'm sure the egg was fine...In Spain they sell the eggs UNREFRIGERATED so I think stuff can last longer than we believe in North Am.
"Turkey bacon????" Wow, I'll bet it could work, though it didn't turn out too dry with only one teaspoon of milk?
Melinda June said…
Eggs are on the shelf here, too, Tanya. I put them in the fridge when I get home, though. I know chickens don't live in refrigerators, but it still seems prudent.

Keep in mind, WP, that turkey bacon is different here. It is designed to be like english bacon so it is more like a smoked turkey breast in slices. Much better than that pressed crap in the states. And it wasn't too dry, but then it wasn't particularly saucy either. I think the milk/cream in the recipe is an english/american addition to make it seem more like a white sauce.

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