Boiler Trouble

The worst part of living in the UK is figuring out the utilities and equipment.

I am having trouble with my hot water. It is either the hot water tank (which is rumbling as it usually does so it is likely just fine) or the boiler. I have to figure out which, decide if I can fix it or need to call a plumber, and then decide if I call on Monday (a bank holiday and twice the price) or risk no hot water for 24 hours. I can shower at the gym, I can boil water, but I am CRABBY about having to deal with this.



Dale said…
It's too bad Tanya hadn't known, she'd have brought you hot water! :-)
Melinda June said…
That would be PERFECT.
That's one thing I can say about the Brits, they won't let anyone shame them into converting to central heating or not boiling their vegetables into mush.
Or, judging by two posts down, Jello either. When I was living in Italy, the hardest thing for me to go without at the time was kidney beans.

Italians have kidney beans, but they're a distant cousin in taste and texture. So I used to go to a specialty store that had American pinto beans and use those to make an inferior chili.

The Italians that I cooked it for, dug it though. Makes sense, it's not that far a leap from pasta fagioli.

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