Great moments in my history

And they're not even made out of curtains.

I had shorts to match.


Who cares about the flower-print outfit, tell us about the fish. That's a pair of nice walleyes. Were they caught in the Rainy River/Lake of the Woods area or is this Lake Vermillion? Did you catch them? On what? The Melinda June blog needs more hook and bullet pictures and stories, and let's hope this is just the start!
Doug said…
I had an outfit like this, but I ripped the pants at work last month...
Tenacious S said…
I swear we had the same wardrobe and it's kinda freaking me out.
Tanya Espanya said…
Again, I would have to say I would wear this today. The outfits just aren't that hideous. And you have the cutest face too!
Melinda June said…
BAP: the Red Carpet Lodge outside of Baudette, guarantee they are Bob's and I'm merely eye-candy, and who knows...worms? I'll get right on that hook and bullet business.

Doug, I always knew you had good taste. What did Pat Benetar think of your outfit?

T, perhaps we are the same person?

Get one like it and take a picture, Tanya. I dare you!
Kireliols said…
This outfit stands out from the rest- it has a certain Marimekko quality to the design- I give it high marks! Personally, I would have lost the windbreaker but parents being what they are, I'm sure they made you keep it on.

Was it sleeveless? Now that would be fetching with a pair of little black china flats and a bit shorter hem on the pants, more gaucho.

LOVE the hair- very now, very then, very sleek.
Kireliols said…
By the way...would you please play with Doug. He's never going to stop until you mess up his blog with lots of goofy comments.

And Doug- I'm just trying to help because I love you.

Thanks for the nfo on Baudette. I'm more of a Warroad guy, but what the hey.

You should write a post shaming T.C. for not getting a blogger account and commenting on your posts. The dumbass should be able to figure it out, don't you think?
Cup said…
I think I had that outfit, too — but in blue. You wore yours better, I think.
big hands said…
I love seeing the Twins cap. I was always told that Mindy was a Cubs fan, but she is more of a Minnesotan than she lets on.
Melinda June said…
Who knew so many of you ladies would rate the outfit highly??? Beth, I think Blue's more your color. You should have had my windbreaker.

Seems TC beat me to it, BAP. Hi Gomer. And I'll point out that hat is on my brother, not me. It's likely we stopped at a game on the way north and therefore the hat is new. Kids love new things.
Tanya Espanya said…
Melinda June! Just to prove my love to you, look what I had made.

The inimitable Sans Pantaloons did it for me.
Melinda June said…
Tanya, that is AWESOME!!!!!!
Dale said…
If you had all those clothes now you could sell them for a fortune. Or at least give them to the Smithsonian! Funky.
Tanya Espanya said…
Melinda June, I know! Isn't it a riot?!


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