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I do not understand the belligerent binge drinking that the English do. I'm watching a tivoed programme called Bashing Booze Birds about women who binge drink and then get into fights. It's nuts. Here are all these women in high heels and "fashion" rolling in the gutter and tripping on nothing and getting hauled off by paramedics. And they're swearing and clawing and pulling hair and biting off ears. Because someone was looking at them funny. Or dancing with a man they thought they'd like to be dancing with. Or for weaving into them when they're trying to stumble down the street. And they're not just young. They just filmed a woman around my age getting fined £80 for bodily assault outside a nightclub.

I know it's not all of the English. I suspect it is primarily an economic/class sort of thing, based upon what they're wearing and the number of piercings and tattoos on the women they're interviewing. But I don't know this. It's just a suspicion.

It's ridiculous, really. Pathological anti-social behaviour is completely inappropriate and yet it permeates club culture here. Why spend two hours tarting yourself up in a miniskirt and corset just to end up on telly screaming "F**ck you" at three policeman as they try to restrain you and put you in the back of a squad car. Your drunken screaming sounds like a cat with its tail being pulled. And it looks ridiculous.

Does this happen everywhere else? I did my share of clubbing when I was younger but I don't ever remember doing or seeing anything like this. I don't understand.


Pam said…
Remember those girls on the train? This is what they grow up in to.
lulu said…
Oh come on, you've seen Jerry Springer. It's the same thing.

I think we probably just go to classier places, although I once had to bodily drag Jane out of a 4:00 am bar because a girl wanted to fight her (Jane had played every Abba song on the jukebox and the other girl took offense)
Melinda June said…
Those girls on the train. Sheesh. This is EXACTLY what they'll become.
Melinda June said…
I would hug Jane for that.

Lu, this is much worse than Jerry Springer. It's Jerry Springer at a restaurant. Every Thursday - Saturday night. In every city in England. It's epidemic.

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