Why I bring an extra suitcase

After posting about Jello, I decided to go check out one of the online stores of American groceries to see what I could find. I made a little shopping cart of items I'd like. I put the following in:

1 pkg sugar-free strawberry kiwi jello
1 pkg sugar-free orange jello
1 pkg sugar-free jello chocolate fudge instant pudding
1 six pack IBC diet root beer
1 13.5oz box of cheese-it reduced fat crackers
1 16 oz box of zesta saltines
1 16 oz Adam's creamy peanut butter
1 12 oz box of reduced fat triscuits
1 46 fl. oz jar of Nalley's Garlic Crunchy Dills
1 24 fl. oz. jar of Vlasic baby kosher dills
1 2.62oz shaker of Old Bay seasoning

Total? £63.78....$126 to you. Can you believe that?

Sigh. August is a very long way off for replenishment of supplies. You can take the girl out of the midwest, but you can't get rid of that craving for cheese-its. (Velveeta was out of the question...it was another £10.)


Kireliols said…
"try my lime jello-marshmellow-cottage cheese-surprise! With bits of REAL pimento! You won't believe your eyes!"
Is that price shipped from the US via a web retailer? Or food that has already been shipped to the UK and then mailed to you? Shipping has to be a big chunk of that price--especially considering the weight of the pickles and the root beer. I would guess that you could get everything else sans the root beer and pickles for a much less expensive cost.
Melinda June said…
Sadly, Kirst, my recipe is real.

Yes, BAP, that's shipped from the US to a UK retailer. And while the pickles and root beer are heavy, they're still charging me over £5 for the saltines, so I think it's just a premium markup. Heck, even the jello is £1.50.

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