Another in the F**k Off series

Tonight's episode is entitled F**k Off I'm Ginger. The host is a handsome 26 year old comedian who has pale skin and bright red hair. Here are some of the highlights:
- Women are really freaked out by the thought of ginger pubic hair.
- Women would rather have sex with a small-penised non-ginger than with a well-endowed ginger.
- They live in fear of having ginger kids.
- When they see ginger men, they think of wedgies. Yes, pants up the ass.
- Even the host doesn't want to date a ginger because people would think they are freaks.
- He actually found a doctor that said that fair skin and ginger hair makes people think pale, frail and vulnerable...and most people consider it a possible sign of inbreeding.
- He interviews his parents, who tell him that when he was born the midwife said, "Oh, you have a son... And he's a ginger. Is your husband ginger?" She was very concerned, apparently. His mother then blamed her husband for the bad gene. He threw it back...he was not letting her talk trash. They talked about the way they used to keep the host fully clothed when he was a kid and it made him look weird. By fully clothed, they mean when they were on holiday in Majorca they made him wear shorts, a tee shirt, socks and gloves when he went swimming to protect him from the sun. He was also skinny.
- He interviewed a couple expecting a baby...the man is ginger, and terrified that his child would be ginger, too.
- Here are some of the names kids called him at school: copper knob, duracell, rusty, carrot top, ginger balls, ginger minger, etc.
- The host goes to London Fashion Week. He is the only ginger there. One of the designers explains that gingers can't wear a lot of colors so they make bad models. And claims they would tank sales for anyone that used them.
- He talked to a ginger who moved to the States for awhile because women would date him there. He's now married to an American, and plans to leave England and go back to the states before they have kids, just in case they're ginger.
- The host placed two personal ads, one mentioning he was ginger, one leaving that out. He assumed there must be something wrong with the woman who responded to the ginger ad. Turns out she was just ginger. But after all this self-examination he's learned not to care and he went out with her anyway.

I will never understand this.


Tanya Espanya said…
You've seen the episodes of Catherine Tate and that whole ginger thing?
lulu said…
I just don't get it. Why is it such a big deal to these people? Oh, and I tagged you.
Melinda June said…
Yes, Tanya.I thought about taking Dale to Russet Lodge when they were here, but didn't want to make a bad impression.

I know, lu. it makes no sense. (The ginger thing, not the tag. Will respond shortly.)
Joe said…
Wow. I never thought about it much before, but now I am.

Did you see the South Park "ginger" episode? That was the first time I'd ever even heard the term "ginger"

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