Friday, July 20, 2007

Such a thing as too concerned

I was just watching the television news, and they were interviewing a woman that represents a children's charity that offers emergency helpline assistance to children with problems of any sort. They are manning their lines with death counsellors to deal with all the calls from children who are going to be traumatized by the deaths of characters in the new Harry Potter book, possibly even of Harry himself.

Seriously. She was talking like this was some global crisis. She equated it to them losing their parents or their best friends.

Lighten up, lady. It's just a book. (That will be delivered to my house before noon tomorrow, but still.)


Bramley Apple Pies! said...


I'm getting the book tomorrow too, and here's hoping for a Voldemort victory!


kirelimel said...

I could have used a phone line like that when dear Mr. Hooper passed. I was NOT ready.

And in all honesty- I sobbed for hours when Jack the brindle bulldog died in the Little House books.