Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh no no the Ants Invasion

I came home from work tonight, went to the bathroom, and discovered a swam of ants, both giant winged and tiny little crawly ones all over my bathtub. I am not happy.

I immediately went to Tesco for death spray. I practically mopped with it. Those bastards are going DOWN.


kirelimel said...

I am with you! I called Orkin the minute I found a trail of ants in the house. The neighborhood can talk all they want about my bug problem but I for one, love to see the O-man's truck in my drive!!

Right now we're on day 5 at the lake- now this is bug heaven and there's just not thing one I or the Orkin man can do to stop the creatures around here. My mom uses some horse-stall spray to keep the black flies away but spiders are everywhere.

I'm on dial-up here and it took me about an hour just to load the comment page- that's worse than spiders.

Melinda June said...

Don't say, "love to see the O-man's truck in my drive" around Ben. You're asking for trouble.

Beth said...

It is thrilling to come home and see the O-man's truck in your drive.

Oh, wait; y'all are still talking about the ants, aren't you?

Pam said...

Get the traps. The spray will kill them where they are, but the traps are full of nest filling badness that they take back with them. Takes a little longer, but then, no ants.

I was all a tizzy when I found them on my laptop on the coffee table. They'd crawled up the wall to where it was plugged in, across the cord, and there they were, going in and out of the keyboard. Ack!

kirelimel said...

Hadn't considered the unintended meaning of o-man. But then again, getting rid of an ant problem is almost as exciting!

The ants in my house laugh at the traps. Seriously, they walk right over top and head for the vast crumb selection my children are kind enough to leave them.

Ben-Bob said...

Melinda June, are you accusing me of risqué double entendres? Just because the O-man's truck is parked in the rear drive while one's boiler is being dismantled doesn't mean one is up to something.

Writeprocrastinator said...

I sincerely hope that the ants were not playing pinochle anywhere near your mouth or shoes.