Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Uninspired Random 10

Since I am uninspired, I will use my iPod to give me blogging content.

1) Rehab - Amy Winehouse ... I downloaded Amy Winehouse because she looks like a brunette biker Barbie. And I like the horn section in this song. This would not be a good song for the ukulele.
2) Penitentiary Philosophy - Erykah Badu ... Mama's Gun is the second Erykah Badu album I bought, and it has some outstanding songs on it. This one has an ass-kicking feel about it and, you guessed it, funky bass. Always a hit with me, though not a good song for the ukulele.
3) Pablo Picasso - Jonathan Richman ... This song is a gift from God. Here's a post from when I was inspired. But as great as it is, this would be a difficult one to do well on the uke.
4) F**k and Run - Liz Phair ... When you feel kind of down because of your piss poor love life, this song is exceptional. And since it is composed of chord strumming you could do a perfectly serviceable version on a uke if you have a good sense of rhythm. Hmmm.
5) Tammy's Breeze - Gene Harris and the Three Sounds ... Gene Harris is excellent music for a martini and conversation kind of evening, and this song is especially good for a slow dance around the coffee table. But since it is a vibes kind of keyboarding song, it is not ukulele possible, unless you are much much more talented than I am.
6) Natural - Arrested Development ... I always want to skip when I hear this song. In fact, I want to skip when I hear this entire album. Too rhythmic and rappy for the uke. And skipping is too much while playing. There's a reason it's Tiptoe through the tulips.
7) Flathead - The Fratellis ... Headbangy goodness, this one. It's not perfect, but I think there is uke potential here.
8) SOS - The Meat Purveyors ... I'm smiling now. Nothing like bluegrass Abba to turn a frown around. Definitely uke-able if you fast strum the banjo chords. Yes. The banjo chords.
9) Trouble in the Fields - Nanci Griffith ... This is on One Fair Summer Evening, so you get the story about her great Aunt Nettie May who, by God, didn't want to LIVE in Oklahoma. It's one of my favourites, actually. And it's an obvious uke-er, what with the strummy acoustic guitar.
10) Lost in Space - Fountains of Wayne ... FoW write the perfect pop song. I adore them. This particular one has some really tight harmonies and some awfully mod chord progression, particularly in the bridge. I think you could create a good uke version, though it would be best with a few friends to do some counter chord strumming. Pam, get on that.


BeckEye said...

I'm just not feeling the whole Amy Winehouse thing. I think her persona is just as affected as the dumb blonde pop tarts, just to the other extreme.

lulu said...

F**K and Run showed up on my shuffle last week! More Plate of Shrimp?

Pam said...

I don't have either of those tracks, F*ck and Runr OR Lost in Space, dammit. I'm in kind of a retro phase, working on Wish You Were Here and polishing up my twangy, Cake-esque version of I will survive. However, I'm also working on the Old 97s question for ukulele sweetness and I think the new Gomez single, See the World, would be swell.

Bubs said...

Wow...Pablo Picasso and F*ck and Run were the only two tracks I know. Thanks for expanding my horizons.