Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shameless Plea

Alas, they have anticipated me...the service fees for giving me miles will be more than the ticket. Pleh.


Ticket prices suck for my trip home in August. I CAN spend the money, but it's a lot more than I'd like to with my current expenses being what they are. I'm crabby. So I'm trying something.

Some of you are frequent fliers and you are regularly able to use your miles for mileage awards. Or you fly kind of often and you have an American Airlines credit card so you still can get award travel now and again. You should stop reading now.

But some of you have miles on American Airlines that are languishing in an account, and now with their new 18 month expiration policy you're unlikely to actually use them, but you've collected them just the same.

If you're THAT person, how much for a few of your miles? They'll let you gift them to me online. I'm willing to deal. Email me if you're interested. My address is in my profile.

FYI, I'm not expecting this to work and don't want to use the emotional tone of my blog lately to manipulate anyone. In fact, I don't want offers of sympathy. Think of it as a regift. A birthday present for my upcoming 41st. Or a way to cash in miles for PG Tips and chocolate biscuits mailed to your home, or to get a free room in England sometime soon or to get dinner at your favourite restaurant or even cooked by yours truly when I'm in your neck of the woods.

Tacky? Maybe. Sorry about that. You know this is unlike me. But I need to go home in August and I'm not made of money right now.


Bramley Apple Pies! said...

American Airlines? Bah!

All WorldPerks all the time, baby.

51,000 EQM's in 2007 so far and will make >75,000 by end of year for Platinum Elite.

That's a lot of trips to nowhere!

Anonymous said...

If it was Alaska Air, you could have mine. I try to avoid them, but it is near impossible in the Pacific Northwest.

Condolences on your recent bout of life.

Melinda June said...

That's impressive, BAP. But NWA sucks.

Thanks for the offer, Knox. Both for the miles and the sympathy.