Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm a Sap

How did I not know about Bright Eyes? They're exactly the sort of thing I like, and that Conor Oberst is a genius. I was obviously not paying attention.


Dale said...

That was sweet! I'd still rather win the lottery though.

Bramley Apple Pies! said...

Bright Eyes are OK in small doses. One gets a little queasy when trying to down to down a whole album in one listen. It's that whiny emo voice, I think. Bright Eyes are just the kind of thing for soundtracks and mix tapes, but not for a 45 minute listen.

You really should take a listen to Josh Rouse. I can listen to him for hours.

lulu said...

Totsal plate of shrimp moment, i was actually listening to Bright Eyes when I read your post last night, but freakin' blogger wouldn't let me post.

Melinda June said...

I'm with you, Dale. But I still like them.

I'd be with you on their acoustic stuff, but they do some more electric stuff, as well, BAP. And since I never listen to full albums anymore what since the shuffle feature is my best friend, they are a nice add.

And you've already sold me on Josh Rouse. He rocks.

Plates of shrimp are everywhere, lu. So pleased I could send one your way!

Beth said...

Conor is so cute. I saw them open for R.E.M. several years ago, and walked out a big fan. A friend of mine knows Conor, and says he's very sweet and totally cool.