Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yikes. I am completely uninspired.

I don't have anything exciting at work. I can't get focused on school work. I am not sleeping well. I try to read and I can't focus. I watch tv and I ignore it. I surf the internet and don't finish articles. I've taken to shopping on the internet except not actually purchasing the basket of things. This needs to stop.

My boiler is broken again, so I don't have hot water regularly. Usually I discover it as the tank starts to cool, and then I spend 15 minutes trying to relight the pilot. This is annoying me.

I don't feel like cooking so I'm eating cold things or crap. This is not like me.

I'm making myself leave the house for social things so I don't end up sitting on the couch staring into space.

Tomorrow my cleaner is coming, so I'm hoping a little tidy up of my space will make things better. I have to clean tonight, though, so I'd best start the picking up.

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