Monday, July 23, 2007

Using what's in the fridge, vol 5

I wanted a curry, but takeaways are notoriously bad for you and, though I am actually pretty good at Indian food, it can take a bit of time if you haven't planned ahead and I didn't much want to cook. So I decided to try to make a stew... healthier, but with all the flavours and no real prep time.

My Mulligatawny

I cut up a couple of chicken breasts and set them to marinate in some yogurt and lemon juice mixed with garam masala, cayenne and some medium curry powder. It sat for about 15 minutes while I did other stuff

Toasted some cumin seeds and some black mustard seeds. Ground them with some salt and chili flakes with a mortar and pestle. There were two or three tablespoons by the time I was done.

Grated some ginger (like a thumb's worth), minced two cloves of garlic and a fresh red chili, and then cut up an onion.

Cut up two potatoes and one carrot. Had some cauliflower cut up, too. And added a yellow pepper for good measure.

Heated some oil. Added the garlic/chili/ginger/onion, stirred it around, then added the chicken, trying to remove most of the yogurt as I added it. Cooked it until it was about half done.

Added the potatoes and the vegetables. Stirred some more. Added three cups or so of chicken broth.

Cut up about 12 cherry tomatoes. Added them, and then dove in the freezer for a handful of peas. Added that, too.

Put about half the crushed spices in, added the dregs of my V8 from the fridge. Let it bubble slowly until the vegetables were tender. I added a bit more of the spices, too, because I wanted a good kick to it.

Served it with a few toasted cashews as a garnish. Success!

If I'd been thinking, I would have added some red lentils, too, because that woulda de-brothified it. I bet some eggplant would be good in there, maybe even instead of the chicken for my veg friends. Oooo. Maybe a firm white fish would have worked, too, though you'd not want to add it too early.

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