What we get up to on a Tuesday

This morning we got up around 9. We ate breakfast and read the paper. Mom insisted that I make the coffee, as she's tired of the ridicule about the brown water she makes each morning.

I watched a little The Price is Right, and then Dad and I came back to Magpie for a cup of coffee (iced americano for me, actually.) He's reading a book. I was working online for some school stuff, and now I've decided to post here to keep you abreast of my exciting holiday schedule.

We're meeting Mom in 15 minutes at the Hart's Teas and Tarts for lunch. Teahouses are all the rage in the small towns of Iowa, and usually have nice Victorian decor and light sandwiches, quiches, and salads to supplement the teas and pastries. My mom's antique store is two doors down, and she and the teahouse owner are good business buddies so we get great treatment there.

After lunch, I expect more scrabble. It's unbearably hot here so we stay in the air-conditioning during the heat of the day. It's due to break though, and they're predicting some pretty major storms. I expect we'll watch them rise up on the deck, then tune to the weather channel to watch their progress.

The plan is sweet corn and gourmet burgers on the grill tonight, plus I'm making a salad and there's some watermelon left over.

Updates on yesterday:
Didn't have time for Pirates of the Caribbean so we might fit that in today. When my folks picked me up we DID, in fact, head straight to McDonald's for lunch. They've remodeled. We ate light, just in case we wanted ribs at the hotel, but we had ice cream cones anyway. My scrabble scores are averaging 330 right now and my best play yesterday was "crusted" with the s pluralising zip and the e creating "dime", plus I think I hit a double word score. Oh. And I played "joiner" in a good place, as well.


Dale said…
More Scrabble talk. Interesting. Sounds good on paper. I should shut up now, I'm about as good a player as a 10 year old might be.
Moderator said…
My wife has a crush on Bob Barker. She won't admit it.

I'd kick your ass at Scrabble. Or maybe I'd lose. I don't really know, but it sounded tough.
Tenacious S said…
My grandma, who is 92 now, could handily beat all of you. She majored in Latin and English. I refuse to play with her. It's not sporting. It's a bloodbath.
Dale said…
Smackdown with Grandma huh? I'm in.
Tenacious S said…
She'll whip your ass! I'm serious. If you're still up for it, we could make a trek down to Florida for a tournament.
Dale said…
I'm free tonight but after that, I dunno. Plus I'm scared.
Melinda June said…
GM, you definitely sounded tough. I'm trembling at your majesty.

Dale and TS, I'm up for an old lady ass whupping. From day one, one of my 43 things has been to find a boyfriend who can beat me at scrabble, but until then I'd be more than happy to settle for somebody's grandma.
Tenacious S said…
My grandma gets upset because she has no worthy comptitor at the senior community she lives in. Apparently she also plays some mean dominos.

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