Celebrity Love Island Sucks

Technically, they have to call it Love Island, as there are no real celebrities on it. But Kat's addicted now, so we've got it on while we're catching up on our respective holidays.

Pierce Brosnan's son, Chris, is positively creepy. For starters, he's a moron. He's also a misogynist. He tries to talk jive or ebonics or whatever the kids are calling bad grammar with a rapper accent these days. He thinks he's really cool so he talks too much, even when he has nothing to say. And he's always talking about balls. And by balls, I'm talking family jewels, nutsack, scrotum.

If he were good-looking, at least you'd kind of understand why he is still on. But he's a minger (a ginger minger, to be precise,) and so he's not even eye-candy.

Pierce must be so proud.


Remind us what a minger is again?
Melinda June said…
A minger is an ugly (usually disgustingly so) person. A ginger is a person with red hair. A ginger is not necessarily a minger. A minger is not necessarily a ginger. But a ginger minger is, well, very bad.
echo said…
Ahhhhh, like "minga"... I'm with you now...

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