I am watching Melinda and Melinda, my namesake Woody Allen movie. And I think I'm onto a new "ism." Hairism.

The weird, emotionally unhinged Melinda has curly hair. The odd-but-loveable Melinda's hair is relatively straight. Curly Melinda is a big mess...her hair is emblematic of her life. Straight-haired Melinda is going through a rough time, but really she's a loveable girl with a heart of gold. Curly Melinda tries to throw herself off a balcony. Straight-haired Melinda ends up happy with the loveable oaf played by Will Farrell.'re casting a movie for a wacky female character. What's her hair look like? Gilda Radner? Carol Kane? Now you're casting for a serious role. Meryl Streep?

This is not just a movie. This is life. When my hair is straight, people take me seriously. When I let my hair spiral in its unrestrained state people chuckle at everything I say. Straight-haired Mindy is solution-focused. Curly Mindy is wacky and creative. I've actually incorporated this into my work persona...I change my hairstyle depending upon the image I need for the tasks at hand that day.

This is ridiculous. I'm exactly the same person regardless of the kink in my hair. Judge me not by the waviness of my locks. Or by the color, because that's not real.


Dale said…
I sensed that you were weird, emotionally unhinged and odd but loveable too. And that under your blog's roots lurked a different colour.
csquared said…
Amen sister, from someone who has not had their "real" hair color since 1989...don't fake blondes have a little more fun??
ARE you the same person despite your hairstyle, or do you just THINK you are?
lulu said…
I'm not entirely sure what my real hair color is.

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