Things you can't do without lifting your arms

I had an appointment with my personal trainer on Sunday, and since I've been a bit of a slacker over the last month (what with holiday and all,) Hannah gave me a workout that would push me and get me back in line. On Sunday, the chest/arm/shoulder exercises were challenging but I could do them. On Monday, I had an embarrassing "drop-the-weight" incident about rep 13 in my third set. Today, I can't lift my arms without grimacing.

This kind of pain makes one appreciate the many things we can do in this life. The power and coordination and complexity of our bodies. Here are just a few of the lessons I've learned today. Oh, for the good old days of waving.

  • You can't use your legs and torso to slither out from under the duvet.
  • Unfortunately, one's head, neck and face are an integral part of daily hygiene. Actually, unless you're only planning to groom a small part of your upper thigh, you're going to need arms that move.
  • Arms both lift AND bend when dropping trou. Who knew how active arms are when you have a wee?
  • FYI, those fridges with plastic grip spaces along the door instead of actual handles may look modern and clean and all, but they're impossible to open with one's chin or teeth.
  • The steering wheel is really high up. I wonder how knees would look with opposable thumbs?
  • You can't fit a book in a small purse, but it won't drag on the floor when it hangs from your paw.
  • If you take the stairs slowly you don't need the railing. (Okay, most of you don't need railings past the age of four or so, but I'm a special case. I take general precautions whenever I can to avoid taking an embarrassing header in front of the general public. It's like I'm Chevy Chase.)
  • You'd be amazed how much your upper arms work when you type. But keyboards are better than using the mouse.
  • If you don't use your arms, it's a lot easier to diet.
Luckily, the 4kg ball on the ab-work hasn't taken too big a toll. Wouldn't want a cold right now, but at least I can get out of chairs.


Dale said…
Remind me never to work out. Oh wait, I never do anyway. Just trying to maintain health and safety!

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