The Communards make you see God

You know you're in England when the morning chat show hosts start talking about the Communards like they're the Beatles. But it's just not fair to do a feature story about how Richard Coles of the world-famous Communards has given up rock and roll to follow Jesus, and is now a curate at a church in Boston.

Let me have my coffee first, people.


Cup said…
Hmmm ... first, the New York Dolls' Arthur "Killer" Kane goes mega-Mormon, and now you tell me that Richard Coles is a curate. I guess that rock 'n' roll lifestyle ain't always what it's cracked up to be.
Dale said…
Do I go straight to hell if I remember the name The Communards but don't remember anything else about them?

That New York Doll documentary was cool.

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