Talk about disturbing

Okay, so I just promoted this site a few weeks ago, but you MUST go watch this video from the entry on Sunday, 20 August. You can imagine my reaction.


lulu said…
You've never seen Freaks before? Great movie!

And now you know where the Ramones got their chant.
Melinda June said…
oh my, no! This is the sort of thing that gives me seizures. I could barely make it through Geek Love, and that's only a book.
lulu said…
I teach high school, nothing frightens me.
Kireliols said…
Freaks used to be a thanksgiving day tradition way back when I was a late 80's hippie chick!! Thanks for reminding me! You have to rent it and see the whole thing-there's an excellent seen where Torso-man lights a smoke!!!! LOVE IT!!!
Kireliols said…
I meant to write scene- really I did!!!! My brain aint what it used to be.
Joe said…
Gabba gabba hey!

Welcome to my world, heh heh heh.
Are you afraid of snakes or something? Did I tell you Mama Gin has developed a new phobia that if we leave our back door open, snakes will come into our apartment? In Brooklyn?
lulu said…
Has she seen Snakes on a Plane or something?

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