Quinoa + Halloumi = Yum

Eat your wholegrains! they say. Eat more vegetables! they say. Alright already. I had this for dinner last night AND for lunch today and found it to be DEElishus. Retsina on the side is best, though a sharp chardonnay or a dry rose (read that ro-zay like the wine, not the flower) will do, too.

My Greek Salad
Cook up some quinoa. If you're a newbie in the quinoa world don't fret. Just put one part dried quinoa to two parts water in a pan, bring it to a boil then drop it to a simmer and let it go for about 15 minutes. (Cooked quinoa look like giant big-headed sperm. Get over it.) Drain it in a mesh sieve and set aside once it's done.
Okay. While that's going, put one part fresh lemon juice and two or three parts olive oil in a mixing bowl big enough to really toss the final salad. (I hesitate to use the word "toss" now that I've brought up "sperm," but there you have it.) Bung (yes, bung) in a bunch of freshly chopped oregano and some pressed garlic and muddle it all with some sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Taste it and make sure it's balanced and add anything you think it needs.
Open the pack of halloumi and slice it into 1/3 inch slices. Heat a very little bit of olive oil in a non-stick skillet, and fry these slices until light brown on each side. (You can also use a grill pan if you like those sear marks.) Drain the fried cheese on some kitchen paper and when it's cooled a bit, cut it into cubes.
Chop up the following into sizes your mouth can handle. Proportions can vary according to your taste: cucumber, tomato, red onion, kalamata olives, green pepper and radishes if I'm coming to dinner
Okay. Ready for tossing. Vegetables first. Toss. Halloumi next. Toss. Finally the quinoa. Toss toss toss.
To chill or not to chill, that is your question.


Dino said…
I have never heard of quinoa or halloumi? what is it?
Melinda June said…
Quinoa is a grain...kind of like bulgar or barley. You can find it in the dried grain section of a supermarket or at health food stores. Halloumi is a salty cypriot cheese. It's really firm, so when you fry or grill it, it doesn't melt so much as it crips while maintaining its integrity. Excellent with grilled vegetables in a sandwich, too.
Dino said…
thanks I'll have to check it out

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