Last day of Va-cay

It is the last day of my two and a half weeks in the US. For the first time in months, I'm totally relaxed. My shoulders are not scrunched up in unreleased tension. I have a nice new haircut and some vital wardrobe additions and some critical items that I can't get in the UK. I have had a lovely time with my family and friends. I have gotten proper sleep. I have done homework and gone for walks and watched television. I am happy.

My short stay in Minneapolis before I flew to New York yesterday was perfect. I had a lovely dinner at The Craftsman with Tim and Kelli, and we dissected American politics and culture and caught up on general life and acquaintances. I had a delicious breakfast at The Original Pancake House and then went shopping with the Girls, where we found many great sales on fabulous things. Then the Girls hosted a little party for 25 of my closest friends and we ate and drank heartily on a Thursday.

Anne C. picked me up for a quick breakfast and dropped me at the airport. Came to NYC courtesy of NWA, then Tom picked me up and we went to Odrun's for dinner. She lives in a fabulous apartment in the West Village, kind of near Greenwich Ave and 7th. She made norwegian comfort food (delicious,) and we sat on the terrace to enjoy the night air. There was a lovely breeze and her apartment is on a high floor so we had a great view, as well.

Tom and I have had a lazy TomandMindy day, which means a slow morning start, dim sum, then a trip to the Brooklyn Museum. We are now home for a little mid-day resting, and will head out tonight for dinner. Tom's plan is to show me classic Brooklyn Italian tonight. I will like that.

I have to repack my suitcases sometime today, and then I need to head to the airport at 6AM. I'm on the day flight back to London, and 24 hours from now will be asleep in my own bed. How strange.


lulu said…
It was wonderful seeing you again! Have safe trip!

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