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Read this. It's talking about this.

Twenty-six (yes, 26) federal statutes broken by the Bush Administration and not one major media outlet has covered it. And it's August, for goodness sake. August defines slow news month. And W is on vacation so he's not treating Tony Blair like his lapdog or swearing with his mouth full.

And on a G8 tangent, I'd like to give a big shout out to Koizumisan for that freaky, freaky hair. We'll miss you when you're gone, pal. Unless, of course, your replacement has a giant 'fro. That would totally rock.


cj said…
I cannot even even think of anyone replacing Koizumisan....and , since he was born december 8 , like Elvis, his bright Prime Minister future, was somehow written in the stars.....
love your blog!
cj said…'s january 8th, not december....sorry...
Melinda June said…
That's why he has that hair! Thanks for the compliment, cj. Glad you're here!

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