The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You


Dale said…
You've got some excellent music taste there Missy! I have the Magic Numbers album on mp3 but had never seen a video. I'm so relieved to see they're not all hipster doofusie. And I'll have to go look up their Mornings Eleven video and see how it is.
Melinda June said…
I love that they're chubby, hairy normal people who sing happy songs. There should be more of that in the world.
Dale said…
I'm all for a looks requirement generally but now and then I let my guard down and let the real people in. Aren't I a giving sort?
Melinda June said…
Aren't you just?

We need to be careful about waiving the looks requirement, lest we end up in a world where no-talents like Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow can't get a record contract and Tom Waits is playing the stadium circuit. That's a world I just don't want to live in. (Or in echo speak, in which I just don't want to live.)

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