Friday night in

I've had a crap week. I was busy at work, and many of my suppliers (read ALL) were late getting me info for a proposal I have to have written by Monday, so I'll be spending the day tomorrow catching up. My stomach is still a bit churny, so I didn't quite feel like myself. I've been worried about my dad, as his cancer is growing again and we were waiting for test results to tell us where. (Still no answer, as it hasn't grown enough.) There was that whole physical pain thing with the arms. And it's been pissing down rain for three days.

So tonight I stayed in. I had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. I surfed youtube for videos (see below) that made me happy. I watched Love Island. I read a book. I caught up on internet stuff. I downloaded a few things I've been forgetting to address. I watched that OK Go treadmill video about 15 times because it mesmerises me.

Now I'm listening to the shipping forcast.

I feel better.


Dale said…
Sorry about your week and hope all goes well with the dad. Ok Go is about the only reasonable remedy for any of this. I'm pretty sure I watched it at least 15 or more times when I came across it.
TS + GC = CP's favorite comfort food. Only prob iis that TS (at least Campbell's) has HFCS. Check the labels in Britain to see if they have that problem too.
Melinda June said…
Thanks, Dale. And thanks for the video link...I think you were my first exposure to that perfect video.

Will check the label, CP. Chances are good that a product like that is the same, but you never know. And in times of trouble, HFCS be damned. I'm having my soup.
lulu said…
Grilled Cheese is the food of the Gods.

Sorry about your Dad; unfortunately we are getting to the age where we have to start taking care of our parents instead of them taking care of us.
Melinda June said…
Yes, Grilled Cheese is a reason to live.

Thanks for the support. I'm keeping things in's not so bad yet that he needs chemo or anything so that's something to be happy about. It definitely sucks dealing with parents who are getting older.

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