Substandard Eating

I really hate it when I waste time and calories on sub-standard meals. And when I am tired and have absolutely no food in the house and am doing impulse buying at the grocery store, I want my over-priced ready meal to be delicious and fulfill the craving that I have.

So why is it that it's always crap that's bland and horrible?

Why would my dimsum taste of cumin? There's no need for cumin in my dumplings. Dumplings should not taste like empanadas. And who puts star anise in pad thai?????

Waitrose, that's who.

Note to self. Next time just spend the extra £10 on a real takeaway.


Dino said…
I hate when I go shopping while I am starving I end up buying all sorts of junk.
wonderturtle said…
Yes. YES! There are few things more disappointing than a disappointing meal.

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