Stephen Fretwell - New York

I'm currently obsessed with this song. Not sure why. I think maybe it speaks to my natural flight reflex during bouts of melancholia, one of which is currently plagueing me.

I'm not sure why, so I can't fix it yet. But in the meantime, I'll listen to this song and it will resonate deeply, making me daydream of the fresh start. If only things were that simple.


lulu said…
This is really pretty Min. Melancholia must be in the air right now. I'm feeling it too.
Melinda June said…
Must be. Too bad we can't meet at a bar tonight for a couple of sidecars and some denial. I know that would do me a world of good right now.
lulu said…
We need some sort of virtual bar to hang out at.

I'll buy the first round.

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