My Hedgehog

I have a hedgehog. This is proof that I now live in Europe. Because if I lived in Minneapolis, the only hedgehog I could have is one from a pet store. But I have one living in my garden.

This is what a hedgehog looks like. I'm adding this picture so that you will
know, as you probably live in America and have never seen one. But I, I live in EUROPE, so I see them every day now. They're like foxes and pheasants. Everywhere you look, there's one popping out of a shrub. Ho hum.

My hedgehog is quite useful. He eats grubs and insects and other pests. I think he's actually here to take care of my spider problem, which is fine by me. I have a snail invasion right now, too, and so I think he might be feasting on l'escargot for special occasions. I would leave a little dish of garlic butter out for him, but hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. And since they suffer from cancer and fatty liver disease, I wouldn't want to contribute by feeding him bad things.

Hedgehogs make lots of noise, so occasionally you'll hear grunting/growling outside, punctuated by a snort or two. This is much better than the tone-deaf parrot.

I think the hedgehog is lucky. I think that if I rub him I will get a wish. But those spikes might make it a little difficult.


Pam said…
What's his NAME? Also, does this mean, like when someone gets a cat, we can now start smothering you in hedgehog themed gifts? Heheheheheheh....
I'll have my sister start working on pillows right away!
lulu said…
You think you're so cool with your European wildlife....why just this week Jane looked up in the tree in her back yard and go to see two squirrels having sex.
Doug said…
But will he fit into GI Joe apparel?
Melinda June said…
I think he's a bit tubby for an underwater GI Joe suit, but I may try.

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