Red Lobster

No, CPman, this is not an invitation to an all you can eat Crab Feast with a few delicious buttergarlicbiscuits on the side. This is what I resemble after a day in the English sun.

It was our filming day for my Harry Potter movie today. The day started out with some threatening clouds and some wind, so we figured we were safe. None of us put on the sunscreen we normally would, what with the heavy cloud cover and all. The sky eventually cleared, but I guess we were pretty wrapped up in our scenes because we never noticed.

So now my right arm is excessively burned, to the point that bending it is painful. My left arm is less so, but still a bit red. I have a red v on my chest and will have to make all my shirts match it for a few weeks. Anything too low cut will look silly now.

Have you noticed that sunburned skin shows the wrinkles more? I need to moisturize tonight. I hope that these unsightly wrinkles go away and that I have not somehow entered the English aging time warp. I don't want to look 50 on my 40th birthday.


lulu said…
You need Advil, water, aloe, and more water. The Advil will reduce the swelling, and keep it from hurting, and the water helps you heal faster and keeps you from burning up. ALoe will stop some of the pain and help your skin heal.

If it really hurts, get in the tup with lukewarm water and oatmeal. If you put the oatmeal in cheesecloth or an old (clean) stocking, in won't make a mess, but you'll still get the oatmeally goodness from it.
Pam said…
I'm about to unravel on a hysterical laughing binge. You know, having lived in Britain long enough, that the ridiculous sunburn is a classic British move! Ho ho! Now you are aculturating, BIG time!

Follow that sensible Lulu's advice. Advil and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I'm laughing at the Brits, not at you. Okay, maybe at you a LITTLE bit...
Lulu Nightingale.
lulu said…
You should see my nurse's costume.
If it's half as slutty as your librarian outfit, the boys will be happy.
Melinda June said…
How about advil, aloe, and beer? I'm trying to Grolsch my way into pain-free nirvana.

Oh. And my scalp is sunburned too. It got me through my hair.

Damn brits.
lulu said…
Beer is so not what you need, the object is to hydrate, not DEhydrate.

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