There are like a hundred of them in my back garden. They're on the brick garden wall, the slab outside my door, the living room window, even on the little angel that sits on one of the wall supports. It's like I'm farming them.

I wonder...are garden snails actually tasty or do they need to be cultivated in some formal manner? How does one cook a snail? Is it like a lobster that goes screaming into the water? Do you steam them like mussels?

There's gotta be a use for the little rat bastards.


lulu said…
How is your French?

Evidently wild snails can be toxic, so you need to make them fast and purge before you eat them in order to get the toxic stuff out of their systems. There are 116 edible species of snails, so there is a good chance that you could eat the little buggers in your garden, but really, once you've started them down the road to an eating disorder, do you want to snack on them?
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't try this at home.

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