Nos 19, 20, and 33: The Elvii Trilogy

19) Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley

One of my top five Elvis songs, this song is great for driving and getting ready early in the morning when you sleep through your alarm. And it reminds me of a great weekend I spent with Tom back in our golden years in the west.

20) Elvis Presley Blues: Gillian Welch

I’m still going to get that folklore degree in Elvis. And this song explains why.

33) Kid About It: Elvis Costello & The Attractions

One summer evening in 1982, I was watching the David Letterman show. Elvis Costello was one of the guests, and he sang “Man out of Time” and “Kid About It” and my permanent love affair with his music was born. This is still my favorite EC song from my favorite album.


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