Evil Ann and other happenings

Everywhere you look these days someone is saying that Ann Coulter is evil. Unless, of course, you listen only to people in the Bush administration, in which case they're saying the truth hurts. Give me a break. It's mean-spirited nasty crap said to rally the base and to polarise the nation, and everyone who's ever supported her is responsible for this.

And they're just as evil as she is if they don't stand up for what's right here.

I want to hear someone affiliated with the Bush or Cheney camps say that she's well out of line. I want to hear them say that she's a sensationalising nitwit, and they disagree totally with what she's saying. Members of Congress don't count on this one...they've already flown the Bush coop in hopes of winning their campaigns in November. I want George Bush, Dick Cheney, or someone directly affiliated with them to say that Ann Coulter does not speak for them. I want to hear them apologise on her behalf, and tell the 9/11 widows (and all decent Americans) that it won't happen again.

Ann Coulter, darling of the Wacko Right and freakishly skinny pterodactyl-looking bonebag, has made a name for herself saying objectionable things. She's called me and my ilk every name in the book, questioned our intelligence, questioned our patriotism, suggested we're godless heathens doomed to hell, equated us to Al Qaida, you name it. And although I find her repugnant, I figured she has a right to free speech and all, and as an ACLU supporting, tree-hugging, granola-eating, commie-pinko liberal I have to take some mean-spirited ribbing from the Right since I get a snicker from Air America Radio and have enjoyed my share of Bush-bashing. Heck, we even named a few cocktails after him and some of his annoying mis-statements...the Evildoer had staying power, but the Architecture Fancy Machine was a little too complex and we forgot the ratio. But I'm with the crowds on this...she's gone too far, and now she needs to be stopped.

9/11 Widows. Their name says it all...before their husbands were killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, they weren't political operatives, they just lived in New Jersey. Their lives were changed by the bombing of the WTC, and when they saw the Wacko Right politicise and manipulate the public while stonewalling attempts to determine what exactly happened and how we could prevent this from happening again, they BECAME political.

I guess you could argue they've profited from the attacks, assuming that you call a giant insurance/reparation settlement profit. Personally I'm betting they'd rather have their husbands, but I'm sure that Ann thinks that's naive. (Surprising that's not reversed, what since she represents the side with the Family Values.)

And their profit value is nothing when you compare it to the money that evil witch has made politicising 9/11 to support the Bush Administration and vilifying their opponents.

This is not a big deal about nothing. This is offensive, reprehensible bullshit. I want an apology, I want her disowned, and I want it now.

Good entry by John Kerry on the Huffington Post.


Your adjectives to describe her are too nice. Surely you can do better than that. But I guess your mom reads this so you want to keep it clean for the kids.

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