And so it begins...

It's here. Term 2. I am on my way out the door in about 10 minutes to meet my teammates Justin and Simon for a beer and quick review of our course prep for this week. Tomorrow at 8 we start with Project Management. I have my first test on Wednesday and we build a fake warehouse in a simulation exercise on Thursday.

Don't you wish you were me?

I just keep telling myself...riches and power, riches and power. Retirement income. Cool holidays with my friends and family. Financial security and a cool apartment. A dachshund to push down kiddie slides onto unsuspecting passers-by, and a dog walker to help me out when I'm at work. Tom and Georgie to keep house and cook for me. Five years from now, this will all be a memory and I'll be reaping benefits.

But today I'd rather watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


lulu said…
Building a fake warehouse sounds like something they would do on The Apprentice. Perhaps you should have saved all your money and gone on the show instead?
Melinda June said…
Everyone tells me that. In fact my team believe I could actually get on, as they think I'd make good television. If only I'd thought of that first.
lulu said…
ummm, Min? In American (the language you speak, remember?) we pluralize verbs when the subject of the sentence is plural.

pip pip carry on.

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