The best day EV-AH!

Yesterday was the dawn of a new age, one that was a long time coming, and that was welcomed with a mighty huzzah!

It started out not so great. The neighbours were in the back garden working pretty early in the day, blaring bad 70's and 80's pop through their open windows. How bad, you ask? I'm talking Never-Been-To-Me, Billy-Don't-Be-A-Hero, Lady-In-Red bad. And it was made worse by the increasingly inebriated men singing along.

"Alack and alas, woe is me," I was thinking.

But then I looked outside. Colonel Bogey's cage was being dismantled. The Parrot is G-O-N-E gone.



lulu said…
I LUV Billy Don't be a Hero!
Melinda June said…
I'd venture that you love it in principle, but in practice you're probably not all that keen on it. It's an oldie,

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