Things to do in Iowa

One month from today, I will be in my hometown in Iowa. I'm really looking forward to the trip. There is multi-faceted truth to the phrase, "Iowa is a great place to be FROM." Not pretending for a second that I enjoyed my childhood (or more specifically my teenage years,) in the midwestern heartland, but now that I am safely far away I miss it now and again. It's not just my family that I miss, it's the whole slow-paced, small town ethos. Here are just a few of the things I intend to do when I am in Iowa.

  • Go for a run to the gravel pit each morning
  • Ride bikes with KC in Lanesboro
  • Eat Mexican food at Sabor Latino 2
  • Go to Walmart and buy toiletries. (I know this is evil, but I LOVE Walmart in Decorah. It's full of rednecks and Hasidim. How often do you get to see those folks mingle? Plus you can't buy Ban roll-on here)
  • Buy corn from the back of a truck at the Kum and Go
  • Sit on my folks' deck and read Yes Man and The Undercover Economist
  • Beat my Mom at Scrabble (yes, Mom, that's a throw down)
  • Catch up with El Ben
  • Dance the schottische at Nordic Fest
  • Eat warm lefse made in the JC Penney, or wherever they're making it this year

Oh! The fun I will have!


You lucky!

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