Evil Eye

On the plane back from Cyprus, my friend Mel was sitting next to a guy who had a scary Cypriot granny in front of him. She had preternatural red hair and was a seat recliner, taking up as much personal space on the crowded plane as she possibly could.

It started when the guy next to Mel accidentally bumped her seatback when he was putting his dinner tray on his lap. The granny turned around and glared. He smiled a little apology, but when he went to remove the tray he bumped her again. This resulted in prolonged glaring.

But when he inadvertently pushed on the seatback as he was getting up to use the toilet, the granny sat up, glared, and did some sort of spitting/hissing thing and said something that sounded awful in Greek.

We hope he had a safe ride home. And if not, perhaps I should take Evil Eye lessons and begin using them instead of diplomacy when dealing with our Office Satan. (Today it got made at us when we challenged a budget that was too low. It was practically like watching The Exorcist, I tell you.)


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