Secrets of the Site Meter

My Site Meter tells me how many of you are visiting my blog each day, when you visit, how you find me, and roughly where my visitors come from. (I don't know who you are, though, as I don't subscribe to the service that gives me that detail.)

This week my site meter is telling me that Canadians are pervy for old ladies. Five, yes FIVE Canadians (primarily Ottawa and Toronto-based ones, FYI) have googled some version of "hot, sexy granny legs" and found my site.

I fear they were disappointed. So I've decided to throw them a bone....

What? That wasn't what you were looking for? Sorry. My bad.

(By the way, can I just say that it's unbelievable what people will put on the internet? Note to self: when using Google images, be very careful what you ask for. Pleh.)


Doug said…
Old ladies are scary. They smell like cats and death.
Moderator said…
Those are some sweet-ass grannies

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