My Directorial Debut

We're doing a team building at work for our July annual meeting, and it's a doozie. We're having a film festival.

They've divided the company up into 10 teams, and assigned us each a movie. Our task is to create a 5 minute film version of our designated blockbuster hit. I've been selected to direct Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I haven't seen this one yet, so I need to spend time in the next few days watching it and deciding what scenes will help me get the point across. There are nine of us on the team and we have to find time in the next few weeks to script, storyboard, cast, rehearse, and film an hour of footage, and then after my week of grad school in early July I spend a day in the editing room taking our best takes and adding special effects, credits, etc.

I have no idea how to start. Do you? Please email me with creative thoughts/wishes. I need all the help I can get.

In the meantime, I keep watching these for inspiration.


My advice? Have them give you something else to reenact. That movie sucked.
lulu said…
I'm just wondering how you will be able to film the Quidditch matches.
Melinda June said…
I have a "reenactor" on my team, and he actually has a pulley system that will allow us to do broomstick action.

Yes, he said "broomstick action."

I love reenactors. They have no idea how silly they look.
lulu said…
A "reenactor"? What does he normally reenact?
Melinda June said…
Well, when I started here everyone called him "Lizard Gary," as he spent weekends dressed as some sort of lizard man in some complex lizard society. About six months ago the lizard died, and now I believe he does some sort of cowboy thing, but that could be inaccurate. All I know is he has a friend with a two-foot-tall dragon puppet, a tent that he can decorate ornately on the inside (not to mention carpet in lush layers of sheepskin,) and he has all the fake fighting equipment we could hope for.
lulu said…
gary needs to get laid.

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