Arguments against gay marriage

One of my latest blogfinds is Lean Left. The writer is witty, smart, and makes some fine points.

Here's where he said what I'm thinking about this whole gay marriage hullabaloo.

Oh. And another good blogfind through my friend Tom is The Official Site of Grant Miller. He cracks me up. He reminds me of my friend Larry Aldrich for some reason. Not sure why. Here's a link to his gay marriage post. I'm adding him to the right, as Tom says I get a pony if I do. I wonder if that includes shipping?


lulu said…
Is he giving away unlimited ponies? Or is it a first come, first served sort of thing?
Melinda June said…
Ask Tom....he knows about the pony business.
echo said…
No ponies for you! Two days!
Moderator said…
Thanks for the link Melinda June! Just to clarify, the free pony is for the first 50,000 linkers. That means one pony to be divided among the first 50,000 people that link to my site! By being among the first 50,000 you're guaranteed part owenership in that pony! Way to go!
Melinda June said…
Can I have the spleen? I really like spleens.

That being said, do ponies have spleens?
lulu said…
Really? The spleen? The spleen is were the body stores all of its ill humors (or humours for you faux-Brit types)

I'd like the eyelashes. Ponies have nice eyelashes.
Melinda June said…
I prefer to think of ill humours (or "humors" as you quaint colonial types say) are more like the positive spin placed on Cynics in the new millenium. Therefore the spleen is really just a big tasty bite of sardonic/acerbic wit.
Mr. Miller, TISFUS! Almost as horrible as killing a bunny.
lulu said…
OK, I added him to my blog...when do the pony parts start rolling in?

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