Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thin line between love and hate

10AM - As I sit down to drink my two-shot cappuccino with delicious, creamy-lite foam I am in love. Oh, the perfection of a cool Saturday AM with the windows open for a fresh breeze, James Martin and few of his sexy cooking friends showing me how to make delicious meals and the scent of a fresh-brewed espresso wafting into my waking senses.

1PM - Feel the tension of reading and trying to take notes at the same time dissipate as I sip my second cappuccino of the day. A blissful moment of peace in my intellectually gruelling day.

8PM - Oh, to finish my delicious dinner with a slightly sweet americano...a jolt of loveliness.

1AM - What the hell was I thinking.

A pattern is developing here. My new espresso machine is the portal to both heaven and hell.

Pavlov may have dogs figured out, but he obviously has not met me. Perhaps it will help if I go stick my hand in the pretty candle flame....


Coaster Punchman said...

Mix decaf into your beans.

kirelimel said...

Perhaps you've forgotten the old mantra..."there's plenty of time to sleep when you're dead!" Doesn't just hold true for binge drinking, coffee buzzes work too.

Bubs said...

"Coffee doesn't make you nervous, it just heightens your sense of your own shortcomings."

"Do stupid things faster and with greater enthusiasm"

Those are two coffee quotes I've seen recently.

I remember about 13 years ago I worked until 1am and frequently had a hard time falling asleep when I got home, which contributed to my going out and having a couple drinks after work almost every night. At some point I realized that I was drinking about 20-35 cups of coffee per day, including a regular espresso break at around 10:30pm with my partner.