Friday, August 17, 2007

It takes a village to make a cocktail

Just back from a lovely night out with friends. We started at the Bull, a pub in Olney, where we had a typical English Friday night talking smack and sucking down drinks. It was a great way to relax, and very necessary considering how stressful the last week has been. Many bawdy jokes were made. There was some swearing and some mick-taking.

We then moved on to Cafe Brio, where they make delicious pizzas. Delicious by English standards, of course, as the pizzas here have no spice to them...they use canned tomatoes, not pizza sauce, so by American taste buds they're a bit bland. (I cannot WAIT for my night at Red's Savoy Inn later in the month.) Much more conversation and laughter, and a shot of espresso that has me pretty wired.

So I just got home, and since I'd stuck to soda and lime for the evening, what since I was driving and all, I decided to make a cocktail. I perused my liquor shelf and decided that a manhattan was just the thing. And as I picked the bottles of the shelf, I realised that I have not purchased any of the ingredients in this cocktail.

Here is my new signature Manhattan...I'll make you one when you're over for a visit.

- Two shots of Makers Mark that Bramley Apple Pies brought on his last visit
- 3/4 shot of Noilly Prat Red, brought by a friend when he came to dinner a few months ago
- dash of peach bitters, carried in the suitcase of Coaster Punchman on HIS last visit
- a cocktail cherry, from a jar given to me by a friend who got sick of me bitching about how I couldn't find them in the supermarket every time I made him a cocktail.

Four different guests, four different ingredients. One very delicious, very strong cocktail.


Beth said...

I love British pubs; wish we had such bars in Atlanta. And now I'm off to mix up an MJ Manhattan.

Dale said...

Sounds delicious from start to finish.

Melinda June said...

You'll both have to join me for a similar night on your next visit this way. And I'll take a cab so I can drink, too.

Dale said...

Beth? Will you pick me up? Thanks.